6 Effective & Natural Alternatives To Ibuprofen

By: Collective Evolution. There are a number of reasons to avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen often. You may be seeking alternatives because you experience pain but like to stay away from conventional medicines. Alternatively, you could be someone who just learned…


10 Ways to Inspire Others

We all know people who are inspiring. But just how does one inspire others? Here are ten simple ways you can inspire people to be their best: Be a good example. People watch what you do more than they listen to…


Why Is The Buddha Smiling?

By: Collective Evolution. Our lives are filled with events and experiences. Some of these  bring us happiness and some sadness. There are periods of great turmoil, cycles of success, cycles of failure, periods of illness, periods of great vitality and excitement….

01 Native American Indian Spirit

Is Long Hair Making Us More Intuitive?

Back in the old days and the ancient times, many cultures embraced people with long hair, because they believed that long hair was a sign of strength and spiritual maturity. The Native Americans and the Chinese are just a few…


The Wise Man’s 10 Rules of Life

Do not hope that your body will be free from illness. If you do not experience illness, you will be fallen to temptation in arrogance and thus act immorally. Therefore, the wise man says that you should think of your…